The MV Royalty

Since purchasing The Royalty in November 2010, the Absolute Party Cruises team have been lovingly restoring her to good health. We wanted to share some of her make over pictures with you. Because we are proud. These are some of the oldest pictures of The Royalty that we have come across.

Royalty david lord

The MV Royalty is one of the oldest boats on The River Thames with bags of character and a warm party environment. Built as a steam passenger boat in Kingston upon Thames in 1913 she was one of the ‘little ships’ that took off men at Dunkirk in the 1940s, so she comes with lots of history.

mv royalty

Ian Boyle:David LordMV Royalty (1913) Ian Boyle:David Lord

A classic example of a London Party Boat. The long open foredeck and the sliding windows throughout the boat offer a light and airy ambience. If you are a fan of the older-style character boats on the Thames with slim Edwardian lines then the ‘Royalty’ could be for you.  The windows on the top deck are ample and enables you to take in the sites perfectly, never missing a thing!

She holds 160 people comfortably but by no means feels empty with a small group.

Royalty-02_ScottNeicho   mv royalty


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